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Russell County courthouse is located in Lebanon, Virginia.

P. O. Box 435
Main Street
Lebanon, VA 24266-0435

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Named for William Russell, a Clinch Valley pioneer and member of the House of Delegates who helped form the county.

Russell County courthouse

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Russell County Courthouse

The old Russell County Courthouse was located at Dickensonville on Copper Creek. The courthouse was used 1799-1818, when a new county seat was designated.

Good Eye Sight Can Be Deadly ...

In 1873 John Hurt, a member of the communtiy, was missing. Everyone suspected foul play. In fact, Arch Johnson, a six-foot four-inch farm worker was the prime suspect, but there was no evidence.

A plan was hatched. A search party was formed to look for John Hurt or his body and Arch Johnson was asked to join the search party. After some searching with no success, the group stopped on a hillside to scan the terrain. In his eagerness to help or end the search, Arch exclaimed, "There he is behind that log on yon hillside!" As the group had hoped, Arch had made a mistake. It was too far away to see a body behind a log.

They proceeded to the location and found John Hurt's body behind the log where only the killer could have known it was hidden. Arch Johnson was convicted of the murder.



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Historical Marker at Russell County courthouse

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Russell Courthouse

The county government was organized at Russell’s Fort, May 9, 1786, with the following officers: Alexander Barnett, County Lieutenant; David Ward, Sheriff; Henry Dickenson, Clerk. Justices: Alexander Barnet, Thomas Carter, Henry Smith, Henry Dickenson, David Ward, John Thompson, Samuel Ritchie. The present courthouse was built in 1874.







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