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Pulaski County courthouse is in Pulaski, Virginia.

45 Third Street, NW
Suite 101
Pulaski, VA 24301

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Named for Casimir Pulaski, the Polish patriot who helped train the American army during the Revolutionary War He was killed during the siege of Savannah in 1779. The first courthouse was located in Newbern, Virginia. In 1870's, before being named Pulaski, it served as a railroad flag stop known as Martin's Tank.

Pulaski County courthouse

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Court Controversy

As a stage stop on the old Baltimore and Nashville Stage Road, Newbern was the site of the first Pulaski County courthouse. When it burned in 1893, Pulaski and Dublin began a heated battle with Newbern to “host” the county seat.

In January of 1894, the General Assembly authorized an election to decide “whether the county-seat … be removed from the town of Newbern at all; and, if so removed, whether to the town of Pulaski, in said county, or to the town of Dublin, in said county.” Both Dublin and Pulaski donated suitable sites, but citizens of Pulaski sweetened the deal by offering to cover the costs of the building. In the election Pulaski was chosen.

The losers filed suite, alleging intimidation and other illegalities. The case went to the Virginia Supreme Court who ruled in favor of Pulaski.

The courthouse is in the Romanesque style with stones quarried at nearby Peak Creek.


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Site of Old Gallows at Newbern, VA.

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  Site of Old Gallows at Newbern, VA.

Site of first Pulaski Courthouse

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  This is the site for the first courthouse for Pulaski County, Newbern. It served as a court 1839-1893. The courthouse no longer stands, but there is a jail.

Historical Marker at Newbern

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  On this corner stood the first Court House of Pulaski County 1839-1893. To the back still stands the old county jail.









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