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Lee County courthouse is in Jonesville, Virginia.

P. O. Box 326
Main Street
Jonesville, VA 24263-0326

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Named for Henry ("Light-Horse Harry") Lee. Lee County was formed in 1793 from Russell & Scott Counties.

Lee County Courthouse

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Lee county courthouse built 1933 in Jonesville, Virginia. The Lee county courthouse was destroyed by fire February 13, 1933.About 2 pm during the trial of the case of unlawful entry, J. G. Moore v. Tom MacAroy. The plaintiff being represented by L. T. Hyde, an attorney, and the defendant by W. L. Davidson.

Suddenly, B. E. Scaggs, an attorney of Pennington Gap, Virginia exclaimed, “Your Honor, the courthouse is on fire.”

Pointing to the ceiling over the head of Judge P.T. Carter on the bench at the time. Everyone immediately began a rush for the door. A number of persons cautioned them not to rush, explaining they had time to get out safely.

The fire could be seen through the ceiling and spread quickly. It seemed to have started in the garret over the courtroom under the copula and flagstaff in the center of the top of the building. Purse’s director was saved by the vaults and helping hands from the clerk’s office. A number of files, some furniture and stationary was burned. The deed books were hurriedly removed by the clerk and deputy clerk, J. M. Smith and C. D. Walton, and a number of faithful volunteer helpers. The building being entirely destroyed, except for the vaults. It was ordered that court be adjourned until tomorrow morning at 9:00 A.M. EST.

Signed by P.T. Carter, Judge.


(The above account is framed and mounted on the wall in the clerk's office.)


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Picture of the old courthouse

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  Picture of the Old Courthouse.  

Statement by Judge Carter

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  Statement by Judge Carter describing the fire.  






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